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Welcome to Gateway Pangkor Island. Originality of this beautiful island has become a tradition that is still maintained and preserved. Till today, the pristine beaches, and greenery of natural forest, making it a pleasure to the tourists who come here every day. Various options of holiday as your desired, available in this wonderful island

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Updated  2018 - 2019

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What is the attraction of Pulau Pangkor?

So, what can you do at Pulau Pangkor? You can go to one of the beaches and enjoy the tropical sun. But in the heat of the day, you may want to hire a boat for sea fishing or jet skiing. Don't forget to bring your snorkel, they can be rented at the hotels. We have made a selection of Pangkor hotels at and around Pulau Pangkor. The list include our favorite the Pangkor Island Beach Resort which is located at the northern side of Pangkor island. This list contains hotels we recommend. We have personally checked the hotels and found them for various reason great. 
Pangkor Island is located just off the coast of North West Malaysia. This Malaysian island is about 300 km North from the country capital Kuala Lumpur. Pangkor island is about 200km South of Penang (Pulau Pinang) and 70km South-West of Perak's Capital Ipoh.

Pangkor was previously a favourite refuge of fishermen, sailors, merchants and pirates, and was an important site from which to control trading in the Strait of Melaka. A Dutch fort was built in the 17th century to monopolise tin trade in Perak and to protect the Perak Chieftan against Acehnese and Siamese incursions, but the Dutch were soon driven out by the local ruler when the promised protection did not materialise. In 1874 a contender to the Perak throne sought British backing and signed the Pangkor Treaty, as a result of which James WW Birch was installed in Perak and thus began the British Colonial era on the peninsula. Pangkor's economy was once reliant on fishing, and fishing and dried fish products are still a major industry for the island. The famous satay fish originated here. Read More...

Pangkor Town. The main town on Pangkor Island, is located on the east coast. It is a small town and only have one street. There's a range of souvenir shops, dried seafood shops, coffee shops and few restaurants along the street. Some of the best food you will find in the local stalls. One of the favorites choice for breakfast among the local and visitors, is the restaurant opposite of the Kheng Hai Chuan Fishery shop, to be recognised by the birdnests attached to the name board. Read More..

The beaches have clear water and almost white sand. Though the water seems to be clean, the beach is littered with plastic debris and driftwood. The island has some waste management problems, as can be seen in the southern part at the huge waste dump and at the small villages where sewage is discharged into the sea. Some travellers have reported sea lice.Coral Bay - the best west coast beach, just north of Teluk Nipah, with clear emerald-green water due to the presence of limestone. Usually clean and pretty, but there are not to many people swimming there. A great place to watch the sunset. Pasir Bogak was the first-developed beach and thus the most famous. It is fine for swimming, but gets very crowded during holidays. The beach here has white sand but is rather narrow. It is the largest and most popular beach on the island. The beach is crescent shaped and numerous shady trees provide idyllic picnic spots under the canopy of their lush foliage. The water is shallow and crystal clear, offering endless hours of fun and frolic in the sunlit sea. There are some facilities for boating, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving (Pulau Sembilan), kayaking, rafting. However, lots of sharp edged objects lie on the sea ground, which can be a big annoyance. Teluk Nipah - The government is currently cutting down many of the trees on the beach and replacing them with concrete eyesores. The view from the street to the beach is frequently blocked by unfinished buildings. The majority of the northern end of the beach has been virtually wiped out by this new construction. Teluk Belanga - a wide beach spanning this whole bay. Privately owned by the Pangkor Island Beach Resort. Read More ...

Jungle trekking - at Titi Gantung and Teluk Segadas Hill. Motorbike tour - rent a motorbike (from RM25) and go around the island. The road is good, but on the north side of the island it is quite steep. You can visit the Dutch-Fort, south of Pangkor town, but there is not much of the fort left. Another very nice place is the temple north of Pangkor Town. Bicycle tour - rent a bicycle (from RM8 per day) and cycle around the island. It takes about 5.5 hr at a leisurely pace. Some uphill and downhill roads are steep (20%). Make sure the brakes are working correctly before you rent the bike.(some of the hills are impossible to climb with bike, mainly the northern parts). Taxi tour - pink taxi (from RM 80 per taxi per round) if it started form Teluk Nipah. It will show you the airport, stop at seafood junk factory, Big Chinese Temple where you can find very big fish in the pool and mini China great wall and Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort). Hornbill feeding - Hand feeding the wild birds at 6:30PM everyday near Seagull Lodge.